BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením


We are looking for international volunteers to live in a house in our community and working in our workshops. You can also apply through European Solidarity Corps program here:

Please contact: Michal Endrle, volunteer coordinator
+420 731 626 095;


You have to give your neighbors time, even if it is a small thing, to do something for others, something that they will not get paid for, but will have the honor of doing.

Albert Schweitzer


Anyone who, of their own free will, in their free time and without the right to financial reward, carries out activities for the benefit of other people can become a volunteer.

Benediktus is aware of the value of volunteer work and is very grateful for it. A Czech person who has reached the age of 15 and is criminally innocent can become a volunteer in Benediktus. Foreign nationals can become volunteers reaching 18 years of age.

Benediktus cooperates with volunteers on the basis of agreements of volunteer activities. When signing an agreement on volunteering, each volunteer also signs a pledge of confidentiality, which is part of the agreement.

The volunteer coordinator tries to find the most suitable tasks for a new volunteer according to their interests, talents, gifts, education, wishes, etc. They will acquaint a volunteer with the community, with its identity, mission, activities, give him to study the internal materials of the association. Safety work lecture is given. They will introduce him to his volunteering activities, acquaint him with employees, clients and other volunteers. A new volunteer is usually invited to an introductory stay, which takes place with other volunteers, some employees or clients. Here they are trained and acquainted with their activities.

We also try to reward volunteers and at the same time motivate them by traveling to L’Arche communities, where they can gain a lot of experience. In recent years, there have been motivational stays of volunteers in the L’Arche communities in Ireland, France, Slovenia, Lithuania, etc.

Activities that a volunteer can do in Benediktus:

  • help in direct work with people with disabilities within the workshops of in Domeček and Modletín – during the working week at the agreed time, including assistance and assistance to people with disabilities in their basic needs (help with eating, dressing, walking, etc.)
  • help with the organization and preparation of events for the public, participate in specific activities within events for the public: playing in a band, theater, photography, filming, preparation of refreshments, preparation of costumes, etc.
  • assistance with work in Modletín (landscaping, garden maintenance, minor construction work)
  • participation in weekend stays in Modletín (participation in the running of Modletín, ie cooking, small works, games, sharing with other volunteers and people with disabilities)
  • assist with the development of the workshops according to their abilities and interests in accordance with the workshop plan
  • participate in workcamps with students from the Czech Republic and abroad
  • to participate in motivational stays in similarly focused organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • help with the translation of information materials into English and French