BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením


In our workshops, we strive to preserve the values of handicrafts, renew traditions and trades. Together with people with disabilities, we try to pass on the cultural heritage of our ancestors to the current generation.

People with intellectual disabilities, people with altered working ability and people without disabilities participate in the work in the workshops. Together they produce original products. It is important for us to involve people with intellectual disabilities in the production process of workshops and to find a place for everyone according to their abilities. We try to create conditions so that, for example, they can impress the products with the added value, with the hallmark of the extraordinary and the hallmark of the invisible dimension of friendship. We hope that our products feel that they are made with love.

At present, the following workshops operate: wood-working, cultural (BeneBend musical group), ceramic, art (paintings, felting, batik, jewelry production), a workshop for processing natural products (traditional fruit dryer), a maintenance workshop and a sewing workshop.

Since 2009, our products (ceramics, weaving, candles, paintings) have been certified by the VYSOČINA regional product® brand.

We use the St. Anna Modletín brand on woven and fabric products.

The sale of our products is supported by the Helping Gift web portal.