BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením


We are building a community together with people with intellectual disabilities in the village of Modletín. We renew the place in the spirit of the cultural heritage of our ancestors, in the spirit of crafts and traditions. We want to gradually return it to its historical and cultural significance; we want to return life to the village. Our activities are based on cultural traditions and the use of traditional crafts, which we want to pass on to the current generation.

The community is established in Modletín, between the villages of Horní Bradlo and Rušinov. The area consists of historically significant buildings, which we try to save, reconstruct and gradually use for other activities: housing, job opportunities, cultural activities.

The reconstructed building of the former rectory functions as a background for all activities and as a sheltered housing. In 2020 we finished reconstructing the building of the former spa, which will be used as workshops and for the accommodation of long-term volunteers. We plan to reconstruct an old bakery to be used as sheltered housing. We also rented church of St. Anne and partially reconstructed it. A part of the complex is also a timbered fruit dryer. We also restored the old orchard, as a fruit store for the drying room. The orchard is being enlarged as of 2020. We also established a vegetable garden. We use the whole area as a background for organizing cultural events: exhibitions, concerts, big celebrations, various meetings, etc.