BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením


The rectory was the first building in the Modletín area, which we bought in 2006 from the Hradec Králové diocese. It was the reason why we found ourselves in Modletín.

Since 2006, we have started to repair and modify the rectory and its surroundings, on our own. In 2009 we started to renovate the building. The Brittany community of L’Arche Caillou Blanc helped us a lot, organizing two workcamps in two years. Each workcamp was attended by 30-40 people, including about 20 students from French schools. The reconstruction of the rectory literally started from the floor. We dug all the floors in the whole building, built a new central heating, and introduced ventilation shafts along the walls. The floors were finally concreted, we plastered all walls and instaled new electricity in the rooms. We gradually replaced all windows and doors.

In 2010, we managed to complete construction work on the entire ground floor of the building, which enabled us to extend the social services provided to Modletín. The social services here initially took place in the form of weekend stays once a month and every Tuesday. Since 2011, this was extended to the whole week. Furthermore, the rectoty serves as a background for organizing cultural events, as a facility for accommodation and meetings of volunteers and as a facility for employing people with altered working ability.

A major reconstruction of the rectory took place in April to June 2013. We drew funds for this reconstruction from EU funds through SZIF. The following works were performed: complete repair of the truss, laying of new roofing, insulation, construction of attic rooms, repair of the pantry, repair of the facade, chimney reconstruction, dehumidification of the building… In autumn 2013 we completed the work in the attic - partitions, paintings, carpets.

In January 2014, the sheltered housing for people with intellectual disabilities began to operate here. In 2015, we equipped the housing and welcomed other people with disabilities and assistants to make full use of the house's capacity.