BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením


BeneBend is the musical band of our community where people with disabilities play and sing together with assistants. The band plays almost exclusively their work and performs at festivals, at our events for the public, in clubs, cafes, schools and thus takes care, among other things, of the transcendence of our work to the outside. People with disabilities find self-realization here, experience acceptance and success, and can be themselves. At the same time, the general public can discover the gifts of these people. We encounter positive, sometimes even ecstatic reactions from our listeners.

If you are interested in our great performance, do not hesitate to contact the bandleader: Zdeněk Novák on the phone: +420 728 822 483, or by e-mail:

You can also contact our sales manager - Michal Endrle on either or

You can see what such a performance looks like on our You Tube channel. Facebook lovers will find us here.