BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

About us

The Identity of Benediktus

Benediktus is an association of people with and without intellectual disabilities who live a daily life in a mutual community. Through relationships based on trust in God, we strive to find the uniqueness of each person and live life in its fullness.

What we do

We create a community in which not only people with mental disabilities live and work, which practically means:

we provide social services:

  • sheltered living - in which we help people with disabilities to use their natural possibilities and abilities, participate in everyday life and experience a sense of self-worth
  • daily service centre - where a person with an intellectual disability develops and got involved in the ordinary life of society
  • social-therapeutic workshops - in which people with intellectual disabilities acquire work habits and skills to find a job

kinds of our workshops:

  • music group BeneBend - regular training of performance, concerts
  • ceramic workshop - mugs, bowls, games, …
  • maintenance workshop - mainly greenery care for the public and for our own needs, cleaning
  • natural products workshop, where we dry fruits in a traditional timber building and take care of the garden and orchards
  • wood-working workshop - toys
  • weawing

Together we reveal gifts of people with disabilities, restore the local cultural and spiritual heritage and cooperate on local development:

  • place for meeting and enrichment of various people - students, volunteers, companies, seniors, ...
  • organizing events for public (St. Anne's Fairground, Advent, Passions, concerts)
  • presenting handicraft production (drying, weaving, woodworking, ceramics)
  • reconstructing historic buildings (spa, parish house, St. Anne's Church) gradually inhabiting them and using them for our activities


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