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Timbered fruit dryer

We started building this timbered building in the orchard in 2011 during a three-week workcamp with the L’Arche community Caillou Blanc from Brittany. The rough construction, including the laying of a new roof, was completed by our "working bunch" from the maintenance workshop with the financial support from grants from ČSOB bank, the Weil-Gotshal Foundation, Lesy ČR, Holcim Česko, Stora Enso, Nadace Via and RiederBeton. In 2012, we made plates on which the fruit is dried and built a wood-burning oven that provides heat for drying the fruit. Unfortunately, the furnace did not work out completely on the first try, so we had to remodel it so that it could fully perform its task.

For the completion of the dryer to full functionality, we received a subsidy from EU funds through the MAS Podhůří Železných hor. In 2015, windows, doors, floors, installations and equipment were completed, so it has been in operation since the autumn 2015 season. We dry apples, pears, tomatoes, herbs, we also offer the public a drying of imported fruit. People with disabilities work here, and the drying room is also used for demonstrations to the public.