BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

History of Benediktus in relation with L‘Arche

History of Benediktus/ facts/dates

2000: Benediktus Association was founded, works in parish house in Chotěboř
2003: first employees and social service welcomed
2003: first visit in L’Arche community
2004: starting workshops in Domeček, close to the parish house
2005: we bought house “Domeček”  in Chotěboř
2006: we bought former parish house in Modletín
2007: Benediktus moved completely into reconstructed Domeček (workshop)
2007: start of cooperation with L’A Coordinator (Maria Biedrawa)
2008: we bought former spa house in Modletín 
2009: regular workshops in Modletín
2009: 1st workcamp with Le Caillou Blanc
2010: 1st floor of former parish house in Modletin reconstructed 
2010: 2nd workcamp with Le Caillou Blanc
2010: we bought former bakery house
2010: start of cooperation with Baska Pestka (delegate coordinator of L´Arche)
2010: 2nd visit of Baska Pestka
2011: sheltered living for 3 people with disabilities in Modletín
2011: first stage of reconstructing spa house (future house for live in)
2011: 3rd workcamp with Le Caillou Blanc   
2011: 3rd visit of Baska Pestka
2011: 4th visit of Baska Pestka with Patrick Fontaine
2011: sheltered workshops in Modletín
2012: Benediktus was officially accepted as a project of L´Arche by International Board of L´Arche
2012: 5th visit Baska Pestka - discernment process for mandate for our community 2012-2017
2012: 6th visit of Baska Pestka
2013: request of Benediktus for suspension of project of L´Arche for 2 years
2014: new sheltered living in reconstructed second floor of parish house in Modletín
2014: Benediktus has a Board, new statutes and new community leader
2014: Benediktus visited community of L´Arche Le Caillou Blanc and community La Belle Porte in Bretagne
2015: Benediktus welcomed 3 new people in sheltered living, together 6 people live here
2015: renewal of contacts with L'Arche International, continuation of accompaniment by Baska
2018: Benediktus welcomed as L'Arche project, accompaniment by Robin Sykes, international envoy