BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

Our Little House "Domeček"

Benediktus is seated in one of the oldest houses in the town of Chotěboř, in Klášterní Street.

In Domeček there is mainly the day service center, as well as a socio-therapeutic art workshop, a ceramic workshop and administration offices. Services provided have a kitchen with dining area, lounge and workshop and their disposal.

 domeček back domeček front

The history of Domeček:

The old school was located in a small building No. 60 in the former cemetery, in a place opposite the church tower. The beginnings of the school in Chotěboř date back to the second half of the 16th century. According to the oldest written mention, the building of the school was repaired before 1582. In the records of the parish priest Václav B. Duchoslav from 1677, the building of the school is described as stone, partly of wood with two rooms with a chamber. In 1740 the school burned down. Although the building was restored after the fire, it was spatially unsatisfactory over time for the ever-growing number of children. After another fire in 1800, the school moved to house no. 62 to the left of the rectory. The former school house became a hospital for a while.
(selected from the publication Chotěboř, published by the City of Chotěboř in 2001)
history domeček


The reconstruction of Domeček:

Since 2003, some of the activities of Benediktus have taken place in the house in Klášterní Street in Chotěboř, which we rented. At the end of 2004, the community bought the house. The money was raised through a public collection and benefit concerts. In June 2006, the reconstruction of the house began, thanks to the subsidy from the EU and also thanks to the construction company Kolping ABS, spol s.r.o., which pre-financed the entire construction. However, the estimated total costs of the reconstruction increased due to bad trusses and part of the ceiling, so it was not possible to purchase the equipment of the house from the subsidy. The total reconstruction costs exceeded CZK 3,300,000. Many friends of the community also took part in the reconstruction of the house with their voluntary help. The renovation was completed in spring 2007.

reconstruction domeček reconstruction domeček reconstruction domeček reconstruction domeček

The grand opening and consecration of the house took place on May 19, 2007.

opening domeček

Reconstruction budget:

EU Structural Funds CZK 2,194,033.60
State budget subsidy CZK 549,000.00
Subsidy from region Vysočina CZK 200,000.00
Subsidy from city of Chotěboř CZK 200,000.00
Own funds CZK 222,433.00
a total of CZK 3,365,466.60