BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

Sheltered housing

Mission of the service

The mission of the service is to provide people from the target group with such support that they have fulfilled their needs comparable to their peers without disadvantage and that they increase their level of independence, especially in the field of housing and self-care.

The service is intended for people:

  1. Ages 19 to 70 years (with start of the service up to 50 years)
  2. With mild or moderate mental disability (possibly in combination with another type of disability)
  3. Who, as a result of their abilities or skills, cannot live in the following areas of a normal life without the long-term help of another person:
  • Housing and household care
  • Self-care in the field of hygiene, exercise and nutrition

Alternatively, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Taking care of your health
  • Employment or preparation for it
  • Leisure time activities
  • Relationships with other people
  • Management of own property and money
  • Handling personal matters

The aim of the service is:

  1. That people with disabilities:

    • had their own housing and cared for their household
    • took care of their own person in the field of hygiene, dressing, exercise and eating
    • took care of their health
    • had a job or were preparing for it
    • spent their free time according to their interests
    • had relationships with other people in the community and outside
    • managed their own property and money
    • handled well their personal matters
  2. To increase the level of their skills needed to do so

  3. To be able to live in a household with a lower level of support

Principles of providing the service:

  • Preservation of human dignity: The service staff respects the personality of each user, supporting him or her in fulfilling his or her human rights and freedoms.
  • Individual approach: Employees apply an individual approach to each user, the service is provided to the user on the basis of agreed personal goals and plans, which are regularly evaluated and adapted to the current situation and needs. There is an individualization of support, activation and communication, a respect for individual habits.
  • Promoting responsibility for one's life and an active approach to solving one's situation: Employees support users in exercising their will and respect the decisions of the user, who has the opportunity to make decisions about their lifestyle, be responsible for their lives and decisions and express their needs and wishes, all within the limits that generally apply to the society as a whole.
  • Promoting independence: During the provision of the service, employees try to build on what the user can still do on their own or what they could do on his own. There is no targeted "over-caring".
  • Support the maintaining of relationships with the family and other close people: When providing the service, the staff tries to cooperate with the family as much as possible.
  • Support for building relationships with the environment and the public: Employees support users in these relationships by attending cultural events or organizing their own events for the public.
  • Independence from the service: When providing the service, we take into account the skills and abilities of all users, strive for their personal development and work with them so they become less dependent from the service. Employees guide users to use resources outside the service (travel by public transport, shopping in shops and use of public services). We are purposefully working on the transition of users to housing in the household with less support.
  • Treating users as equal partners: Employees do not act in a superior or inferior position to users.

The public commitment is always formulated as a whole.

Address and scope of service:

The service is provided at: Modletín 7, Rušinov, 583 01 Chotěboř.

The service is provided nonstop.

Capacity of the service:

The sheltered housing service has a capacity of 6 users in three double rooms in the Benediktus z.s. in the village of Modletín.

Due to the type of our facility, it is not possible to provide a service to the following people:

  • mentally ill
  • people who, due to their health, threaten themselves and their surroundings (aggression, infectious diseases, the influence of addictive substances)
  • people with diseases of old age (senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease)
  • mother with baby