BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

Day service center

Mission of the day service center

The mission of the day care center is the development of a person with mild and moderate mental disabilities, including a combination of physical and visual disabilities. The service emphasizes the use of the natural possibilities and abilities of these people and their involvement in the daily life of society. In this way, we enable people with disabilities to become independent and achieve the greatest possible development in the group of young people. We give these people the opportunity to participate in building a community in which they can work and live.


  • permanent care for people with mild and moderate mental disabilities, including a combination of physical and visual disabilities
  • building a community with people with mental disabilities
  • raising awareness of people with disabilities and ensuring that the service is well received by people in the local community (organization of cultural events for the general public)
  • to offer people with disabilities in the Chotěboř and Železné hory areas the opportunity to develop their potential and live their lives to the fullest

Target group:

Persons with mild and moderate mental disabilities, including a combination of physical and visual disabilities.

Age limit:

16-80 years

Principles of service provision:

  • we emphasize an individual approach to people with disabilities (individual plan with a personal goal)
  • we develop the potential of a person with disability, we support their individuality and integration into the group
  • we cooperate with the client's family regardless of their origin, ethnicity, race, or religious and political beliefs
  • we support the development of concentration, empathy, aesthetic feeling, practical thinking in everyday relationships and situations
  • we emphasize cooperation with the public (workcamps for young people, celebrations, lectures and discussions, concerts)
  • we form volunteers and young people and involve them in building a community for people with disabilities
  • we pay attention to increasing the professionalism and qualification of employees with an emphasis on the personal quality of personality

Service description:

Basic activities in the scope of actions specified in the contract with the client:

  • assistance with personal hygiene or the provision of conditions for personal hygiene
  • the provision of food or assistance in providing food
  • educational, training and activization activities
  • mediation of contact with the social environment
  • socio-therapeutic activities
  • assistance in exercising rights, legitimate interests and in procuring personal matters

We can provide assistance in social and legal issues only in everyday matters, in more complex issues we arrange solutions by a professional service.

Within the day service center, clients are offered activities in a craft, cultural and art workshop, where clients acquire work and cultural skills. Workshops are a place of joint work, creative activity, therapy and a place of intensive relationships between assistants and people with disabilities. In the workshops, clients learn batik, combing wool, felting, filming, etc. In the music workshop, they play various instruments, sing and dance in the BeneBend band. Clients also develop in acquiring work habits in training activities such as cooking, dining, shopping, cleaning, self-service. They work in the garden. They also actively participate in building the community in Modletín and participate in the preparation and implementation of cultural events for the public.

Due to the type of our facility, it is not possible to provide a service to the following people within DSC:

  • mentally ill
  • people who, due to their health, endanger themselves and their surroundings (aggression, infectious diseases, the influence of addictive substances)
  • people with diseases of old age (senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease)

Locality and time availability:

The service is provided at the registered office of Benediktus z.s, Klášterní 60, 583 01 Chotěboř or in Modletín. According to need and agreement elsewhere. Time range: Mon - Fri from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.