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Workcamp in Modletín for the Third Time!

"Chantier", this French word is already very familiar to us. We can automatically visualize the amazingly beautiful encounters with the lovely people from Brittany and the huge amount of work we do together.

This year we could enjoy three weeks of this very special time together. It was exceptional, also because aside from the people from L´Arche there was a group of bricklayer trainees with their teachers present, who helped us in order to complete the practical part of their training. A bit unusual to do that 2000 km away from home, but it was a great help for us! We have now managed to build a new entrance to our Modletin premises plus a fence around a half of the allotment. We have also progressed with the renovation of the former baths, readied the material for building the timber fruit drying kiln, completed a stone wall, worked on the orchard, plus many other things. Thanks so much to all the lovely French and Czech people for all their support and sense of community. A very special thanks to all those that are core-members in L´Arche, the people in the centre of the community, the people with disabilities.

Under this link you may view more photos from the workcamp: