BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

Meeting of the pre-project groups of international organization L´Arche of Central and Southern Europe in Croatia in July 2009

International organization L´Arche arranged meeting of pre-project groups, which want to establish community of L´Arche in their country. For the first time Benediktus was invited too. This time meeting took place in Croatia on small island Kosljun.

Meeting had a double aim: to create both the links and conditions for mutual support, and to make progress in our own preparation of a L´Arche foundation, in our culture. During the meeting we spoke about tools and methods that L´Arche recommends in order to prepare a foundation and then we worked on inculturation.

We shared experiences of different situations in our countries. There were 10 countries at the meeting. During the meeting we worked hard, but we had time for mass, celebrations, dance, swimming in the sea and talking.

At the meeting we met new friends and good relationships were set. Whole meeting was very important and beneficial for us.