BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

L´Arche Delegate Coordinator Baska Pestka visits Benediktus

For the second time this year, Baska Pestka visited us in November. Baska has taken over the role of L´Arche delegate coordinator from Maria Biedrawa after three years. Both visits were a source of great encouragement and allowed us to advance in our work. We talked about what we have achieved at Benediktus. We also planned the next steps in the process of our integration into the international federation of L´Arche. During the time of Baska´s visit we also met with various interesting people who want to support the foundation of L´Arche in the Czech Republic, for example the founders of the community house for people with disabilities, Villa Vallila, or the representatives of the Brno Faith and Light movement. Both meetings were somehow challenging, because we needed to work hard, but we felt very happy to spend time with such a lovely person like Baska. Baska worked for 11 years in the Scottish community of L´Arche and for 7 years she was a community leader of L´Arche in Poland. Currently Baska is working as a L´Arche delegate coordinator for Bangladesh, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.