BENEDIKTUS - komunita s lidmi s mentálním postižením

L´Arche coordinator visit

L´Arche coordinator Baska Pestka, who accompanies Benediktus on its way to become part of L´Arche family since 2010, visited Benediktus in October 2015.  This time she came with her colleague Zoel from Canada.

The whole visit was held in a very good spirit. As usual, both L´Arche representatives talked to all members of Benediktus. In the evening we played and sang the songs together, celebrated and had a good time. Baska was surprised where we have moved since her last visit (three years ago) and how many new people with disabilities come to Benediktus. She also appreciated completed sheltered housing and a new workshop - a fruit drying kiln.

Her stay was ended by a meeting with two other organizations in Prague that Baska also accompanies. Baska and Zoel appealed for the cooperation of all communities in the country, which want to become part of L´Arche. Her visits of our community will continue regularly once a year.