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How we live during the quarantine

At first we were very stressed by the spread of the virus: daily services had to be suspended, we had to wear masks, use disinfectants, gloves and take extra care. Over time, these things have become commonplace and we have become accustomed to working in masks. We work mainly in Modletín, we do not stay much in Chotěboř. We celebrated Easter and started working in the garden, we cook, we make wood for the winter, we make wooden toy cars, we clean after the winter and we mainly finish the work on the Aperát. Especially Martin, our hadyman, paints and finishes a new footbridge to the Aperát, it is great that he is trained as a carpenter. We work nicely, sometimes we even forget that everything in the world is not right. But we miss Domča, Lukáš, Eva, Hanka, Lýdia, Nikola, Petra, Petr and others who cannot be in the daily services. And we are looking forward to being all together again and not being afraid to go out into the city and that visitors will be allowed to come to us again. Take a look at some photos from us. And be healthy!