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Attic reconstruction

..well well, we are in the last phase where everything is decided... in September 2019 we handed over the building of Aperát, we dug and concreted the foundations for the barrier-free footbridge, everywhere it's possible we store building materials from our great donors...
And what is it that we are doing? We are repairing the last part of the building, the attic, and the whole building will serve the community as socio-therapeutic workshops and facilities for clients and their assistants. Also, the installation will host international volunteer we seek through European Solidarity Corps. The budget for the attic was after all cuts, changes and adjustments, in October 2019, incl. VAT CZK 2.8 million... in March we reached CZK 3.072 million with all additional costs and extra work. We have about 1500 thousand CZK accumulated from donors and foundations, 600 thousand CZK promised from the subsidy, about 550 thousand CZK in donations of material. Yet there is still a long way to go... go with us to reach the goal, contribute to the collection, every money will help us, even the one from you: o) !!! THANK YOU! "Only" about 420 thousand CZK and it's done: o).

Help us spread the word about what we do. Tell your colleagues, friends, acquaintances how you feel about us, if you know us. Come visit, come to our events, listen to what BeneBend is playing: Fall in love as much as I do and help as much as you can... feel free to try it for the first time. Its fine. And next year, starting with the fairgound of St. Anne, we have an extra meeting space, so regardless of the weather, we can stay and enjoy our events until late in the evening: o).


How you can help us or current collections: - terminated, collected 41 778 CZK, thanks for help !!

Renovation of the attic for therapeutic workshops and facilities for clients and assistants, incl. support for building access see,,
Below we list the organizations / persons / foundations, that contributed CZK 50,000 and more:

Supported by the program of the GOOD WILL COMMITTEE - Olga Havel Foundation, Wild Goose Foundation, Charter 77 Foundation - Barrier and INNOGY Account, K. Janeček Endowment Fund, TESCO Endowment Fund, ČSOB helps regions, VINCI Foundation, ČEZ Foundation and EPP Help with movement and companies VELUX, Pro Med Czech, NET4GAS, Envirex, SNOP Automotive Mladá Boleslav.

Thank you !!

Photos of how wonderfully it goes: